May 15, 2010

Little Animal Ark Books

IF you have a beginning reader or newer reader, especially one that loves animals, you should check these out. 

animal-ark-pack We have been fans of The Animal Ark books for years. But yesterday I came across Little Animal Ark Books.  They are great for early chapter books.  They have the familiar characters of The Animal Ark books but they have a larger font size with fewer pages and fewer words on each page.

For those who aren’t familiar with Animal Ark books:

The main character, Mandy Hope, is an animal lover like no other.  Her parents  are both vets and they run a vet called The Animal Ark.  Mandy and her friends often solve mysteries and come to the aid of animals in their neighborhood.  Mandy’s parents are very involved and positive examples for her.  For those who have adopted children, you may also enjoy this because Mandy was adopted.  We really enjoy these books.

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  1. Oh my daughter would LOVE these! Thanks I think I will go order them right now! {ok not right now but soon!}


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