May 18, 2010

The Magical Garden of Claude Monet

Sometimes trips to the library are wonderfully surprising and rewarding.  That was the case the day I came across this delightful book by Laurence Anholt.

The Magical Garden of Claude Monet is the true story of a little girlclaudmonet who lives in the city of Paris.  She longs to experience a country garden.  Her mother takes her to visit the garden of a family friend. Julie is captivated by the countryside, as is her dog who runs off.  While searching for her dog, she meets the friendly and somewhat unusual gardener – who not only cultivates beautiful plants, he paints pictures of them. This gardener just so happens to be the great impressionist painter Claude Monet.

This book contains reproductions of Monet’s work and also a bio in the back.

In addition to using this book as a starting place for an Art unit of study, we watched Linnea in Monet's Garden courtesy of instant Netflix.  This is a sweet film (only 29 minutes long) in a unique animated style, with photographs thrown in.  I haven’t viewed anything quite like it.  We really enjoyed it. 

We also made a page about Monet for our History Notebook and famous painting cards to match up to Artists, which will go in our study box.

Here are our Monet styled masterpieces:



The idea of painting impressionist style was a difficult one for Mattie and especially Mason.  Painting splotches of color that look like something more detailed from afar was really too abstract an idea for them.  We will  see how they do when we revisit this topic in the years to come.

Other delightful books in this series:

Van Gogh and the Sunflowers - A story about Vincent Van Gogh

Degas and the Little Dancer – A story about Edgar Degas

Leonardo and the Flying Boy – A story about Leonardo Da Vinci

Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail – A story about Pablo Picasso

Cezanne and the Apple Boy – A story about Paul Cezanne

Matisse the King of Color – A story about Henri Matisse


  1. THANK YOU! I have been looking for stuff like this and we love watching Linnea in Monet's Garden. I wish there were more stuff like that too. Thanks!

  2. We are learning about Van Gogh and will definitely need to check out the book: Van Gogh and the Sunflowers.

    I saw this post via the Latter-day Homeschooling: Art Hop!


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