July 10, 2010

Funny Egg Tutorial

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By the time my youngest two were ages 8 and 6 years old, they knew how to cook several different breakfast foods.  This is because when I first started teaching my children to cook, I started with breakfast meals.

My children had years of experience pouring their own cereal, juice or milk and even putting waffles in the toaster, but breakfast really became special when I taught them how to make scrambled eggs.  For the next three or so months, every day began with a plate of scrambled eggs made with their very own hands.  They were so proud that they could really cook.

Now Mattie and Mason are a few years older and they can cook lots of things from scratch, like homemade chili and spaghetti sauce.

How to cook breakfast is such a fun thing to teach kids and they love to practice.  This tutorial of a Funny Egg, is actually something my mother taught me when I was growing up.

Here is what you will need:

  • slices of bread
  • eggs
  • salt
  • pepper
  • cooking oil spray
  • a cup or glass to fit the bread
  • butter or margarine (optional)

Step 1:  Turn your pan on medium heat.  Spray cooking oil on pan (or vice versa).  Use your cup or glass to cut out a circle in the middle of your bread.  I like to butter my bread just for taste, this is totally optional and not necessary.  Place your bread in your warm skillet.

Funny eggStep 2:  Crack an egg into a cup to make sure you can retrieve any pieces of shell that may get in.  You can pour the egg - as is - for a sunny-side-up egg or for an egg-over-easy into the circle hole of your bread.  You can also scramble your egg.  If you go this route, scramble it in the cup, not the pan.  Add salt and pepper.  Pictured is one egg over-easy and one egg scrambled.

Funny egg 1

Step 3:  Use your circle toast pieces to judge when to turn the egg.  Kids can easily use a spatula and peek under a piece of the toast to see if it is golden brown.  Once golden brown flip all pieces over.   

funny egg 2

 Step 4:  Once again use your circle toast pieces to judge when your funny egg is done.  If you have buttered your bread it will look nice and golden on both sides.  If you haven’t it will still brown but not as golden as the first side.

This is great on it’s own or served with fruit, and milk or juice.

* This was originally written for and posted @ Latter-day Homeschooling.


  1. We love these and make these at our home too. We call them One Eyed Magicians!

  2. We call that "egg in a basket", but I have heard them called many things mainly: YUM!

    Great blog!


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