April 21, 2012

For Sale: Life of Fred

IMG_2733We have been playing catch-up in Math.  Since my children absolutely dreaded Math each day I decided to give Life Of Fred a try.  We are finished with the first four books in the elementary series – Apples, Butterflies, Cats, and Dogs.

Life of Fred is funny and very different.  Since I started my two children back at the beginning, they flew through the first few books and now they are here for sale for $48 which includes shipping.  This price is for all 4 books.

These books were purchased within the past few months and are like new except for the following:

  • Cats – My son drew a picture and wrote some words on the front cover.  Due to the nature of the cover you don’t really see the ink but there are indentations where the words are.  Here is an up close picture.


  • Butterflies – inside the front cover the same son wrote “deathly hallows” in small letters.

If you are interested in purchasing this book set, email me at dana(at)latter-dayhomeschooling(dot)com.  I prefer payment through paypal and the price includes shipping.

I am planning on a curriculum cleanout soon and will list other resources as I get to them.

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  1. This set has been sold! Thank you to those interested!


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