June 26, 2012

Girl’s Camp Pranks


If you’ve attended a summer camp, you know that pranking is a part of the experience. Unfortunately sometimes people are embarrassed or have their feelings hurt by pranksters. My daughter, Mattie finds pranking amusing but she doesn’t want anyone to be unhappy, so this year she is doing something about it.

Since Mattie is off to camp, I think it’s safe to share her secret.  She is the CTR Prankster at Girl’s Camp.  She wanted to do a “nice” prank at camp and hopes it will become a fad.  For those who aren’t familiar with that acronym – CTR  means Choose the Right. 

Mattie plans to put a mini MOON PIE on each girl’s cot with the following message attached to it:

You’ve been Mooned!

Enjoy your starry nights at Camp!

-The CTR Prankster

She has prepared enough for each girl and has a 5 gallon bucket full of her pranking supplies. She is excited about this project and hopes to enlist a couple of other girls in her cause.  I love how sweet and kind my Mattie is.  She would never want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

I’ll be praying for cooler temps and rain for the girls.  It was 108 degrees here today.  whew!!  A hot one! I’m glad the youth leaders will make sure our girls stay safe.  Girl’s Camp is such a great part of childhood!


  1. I used to dread the pranks, until our leaders banned them. For a girl like me who was constantly picked on, it was such a relief.

    What a wonderful daughter you have to think of such a great "prank" for all the girls. That one is great.

  2. I love it!!! What a clever, kind girl! :-)


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